The Apollo 11 Anniversary Launch Quiz!

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Test your knowledge with questions surrounding the launch of Apollo 11.

Welcome to your Apollo 11 Launch Quiz

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From what pad was Apollo 11 launched?

1 out of 10

Apollo 11 entered Earth orbit how long after launch?

2 out of 10

When the Saturn V first and second stages separate, the first stage is explosively separated, followed 30 seconds later by the separation of the interstage. What is this process called?

3 out of 10

After Apollo 7 an important change was made to the spacecraft lunar module adapter. What was it?

4 out of 10

What is a Q-ball? (In relation to Apollo 11's Saturn V)

5 out of 10

Gag gifts were common between astronauts and Guenter Wendt before spacecraft ingress. What was given to him by Michael Collins before Apollo 11?

6 out of 10

Who was the highest ranking member of the U.S. government at Kennedy Space Center for the launch of Apollo 11?

7 out of 10

What was the local time of Apollo 11's launch?

8 out of 10

Who was the Director of Kennedy Space Center at the time of the Apollo 11 launch?

9 out of 10

In what building did the Apollo 11 astronauts don their spacesuits?

10 out of 10

Thank you for taking the Apollo 11 Launch Quiz.

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  1. Neil
    | Reply


  2. Don J
    | Reply

    Damn, missed the last question! Mark, what was in Hangar S?

    • markwgray
      | Reply

      Hi Don. Mercury astronaut’s quarters.

  3. Jim McDade
    | Reply

    100, of course.

  4. John Thompson
    | Reply

    I enjoy testing what I remember

  5. John K
    | Reply

    Seven right. Missed fish, dual-plne, and thought 11+ min not quite enough time for that beast to reach orbit.

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