Our Special Apollo 11 Anniversary Quizzes Begin!

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During the 47th Anniversary of Apollo 11 (through July 24th), look for special quizzes about segments of the Apollo 11 mission. Today’s bonus quiz is out pre-launch challenge. There’s a couple of tough ones here… can you get them all?

Welcome to your Apollo 11 Pre-Launch Bonus Quiz

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What was the serial number of the first stage of the Apollo 11 launch vehicle?

1 out of 10

What markings were on the fins of the Saturn V first stage?

2 out of 10

What part of the Saturn V provided guidance for the vehicle during the ride into Earth orbit?

3 out of 10

How many swing arms were on the Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower?

4 out of 10

And how many swing arms actually retracted at launch? (NOT counting tail service masts)

5 out of 10

Three days were available for launching Apollo 11 in the July, 1969 window. What were they?

6 out of 10

The first and second stages of the Saturn V arrived at the Kennedy Space Center via barge. How did the third stage normally arrive?

7 out of 10

The Apollo 11 spacecraft consisted of:

8 out of 10

Two Apollo crews featured all veteran astronauts. Which missions were they?

9 out of 10

Who was the backup commander of Apollo 11?

10 out of 10

Thank you for taking the Apollo 11 Pre-Launch Bonus Quiz.

6 Responses

  1. Glenn Johnson
    | Reply

    Buuuh! I did horribly on this one. Great obscure questions. Where’s my coffee?

  2. William Jorns
    | Reply

    The only two I got wrong were the number of swing arms on the umbilical tower, and how many of those were retracted at launch. Shows I don’t know everything about Project Apollo….

  3. Robin Wheeler
    | Reply

    This is the level of difficulty us Apollo nuts really want. More please.

  4. James Whitear
    | Reply

    I think I’m getting worse .lol.

  5. John Eric Thompson
    | Reply

    It was good taking the quiz.

  6. John K.
    | Reply

    Awesome questions.. I used to consider myself an expert !

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