The Blog is Back!

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The new Spacecraft Films blog is now live, with new features and content.

Our initial schedule for our new features:

Every Thursday check in for a rotating feature – “Pet Peeves” and “Oddities,” pointing out mistaken or misleading space history, as well as unusual topics we’ve run across in our research.

Every Friday check in for the weekly quiz. This week we’re kicking the quiz off a bit early, since it’s the first quiz – on Real Space stories and hardware in cinema. Ten questions, ten points a piece, with a passing score of 80%. Each week you’ll have until Sunday night at midnight to answer the questions (in case you forget on Friday). We’ll have one or more prizes for the winners each week (we will randomly draw names from multiple high scores). Some of the quizzes will be easy, some most definitely will not. We just ask that you take it only once, and that you refrain from using the Google machine to formulate your answers.

Other days we’ll be pointing out selected events in space history, as well as featured stories surrounding operations and hardware. We will also be providing updates on Spacecraft Films production and products, and peeks at what’s coming up. Shipment status updates will also be presented on upcoming or preordered products.

Please let us know how the new blog works for you!

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