Why Spacecraft Films?

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Spacecraft Films is approaching itsĀ 13th anniversary. Over the years I tend to forget that new customers that have recently come upon us may not be aware of the reason the company was originally started, and what we’re about.

The reasons the Spacecraft Films products were created is simple:

1) At the time, and even today, much of the archive of the history of the US Space Program was preserved with standard-resolution transfers, before the advent of modern color-grading techniques. I knew, because the original acquisition was done on film, that this record could be improved dramatically with new film-to-tape transfers. (Ironic that even the term “film-to-tape” transfer is now obsolete. Now our transfers go directly to drive.) We financed these new transfers through the National Archives and NASA.

2) Long-form material, particularly the television, reconstructed in its entirety, was not available. Long-form material of film reels was also unavailable, we only saw glimpses of clips. We sought to make this material available, as much as we possibly could: entire reels from leader to leader.

3) We sought to release the material without a filter. Raw. So the moonwalks, for example, could be experienced in their entirety, without intrusion from network commentators.

The clip provided is an example of material as collected for one of our sets, this one in particular being the Liftoff: Success and Failure on the Launch Pad set, and gives you an example of some of the material. We’ve always found it tough to demonstrate exactly our sets, for example in just this 2-DVD set you progress from a massive amount of material on Robert Goddard all the way through to the onboard film from the first Space Shuttle launch. Along the way you meet the launch of Explorer 1, Vanguard, Atlas, Titan, Delta, Saturn and the shuttle. In short, there’s nothing like the Spacecraft Films sets for documenting US space history.

All of this work has been made possible because of your support for over 12 years, and we thank you.

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    Mark, I see people on social media often asking “where can I find a raw dump of the missions?” quite often, and I love sending them your way. Thanks for providing such a valuable historical resource!

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