Developing the Apollo CSM

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One of my favorite “finds” in the archives over the past 12 years has been a set of programs that were produced by MIT and NASA in the 1960s. They are black and white and part of the “Science Reporter” program. They were stored on film, so to even see what they were we needed to transfer one of them. We ended up transferring all that were there.

Focusing each time on a particular aspect of the Apollo mission, these 30 minute programs focus on the LM (Tom Kelly gives a tour at Grumman), the computer (demonstrated at MIT), the Apollo CSM (at North American), and the heat shield (at Avco). We made a film-to-video transfer of the programs and created the Mission to the Moon 2-DVD set, packed with over 5 hours of this excellent material.

The Mission to the Moon set is available for a limited time at a special price.

Here’s a clip from the Apollo CSM program… “Room at the Top…”

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  1. B. Preston
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    Mark- Don’t know if you picked up on it when you transferred it , but after viewing this clip, I’m certain that this is a kinescope recording of original b&w video. It’s an excellent kinescope, but kinescope nonetheless.

    • markwgray
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      Yes, kinescope. Generally the storage method in 1966.

  2. Zsolt
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    Excellent just excellent material! I could listen to this all day long.

    Mankind’s greatest achievement!

    Thank you Mark!

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