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Welcome to our Friday quiz!

Today we’re going to be looking at Project Gemini. Good Luck!

This quiz will be available, but prize eligibility will end on Wednesday at midnight US EDT.

This quiz, one prize: (drawn from the high scores): One copy of our Project Gemini 3-DVD set. (If you already have this set I will make a substitution)

Since we’re offering prizes we ask that you take the quiz only once, and that you do NOT use the Google machine to give us your answers. Good Luck!

Project Gemini Quiz: You'll be challenged with 10 questions on Project Gemini. Since we consider our quiz candidates to be a competent lot, but this quiz is one of our tougher tests, we've established a passing grade on this quiz of 70%. The quiz features ten questions, each worth ten points.

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The first non-original 7 astronaut to ever fly was this "New Nine" astronaut that flew on Gemini III.

1 out of 10

This flight was the longest Gemini flight, lasting nearly 14 days.

2 out of 10

Buzz Aldrin flew aboard this flight with Jim Lovell, with Aldrin refining EVA procedures.

3 out of 10

Who made the first U.S. Spacewalk on Gemini IV?

4 out of 10

Who was on the original prime crew for Gemini IX?

5 out of 10

What happened to the Gemini 2 (GT-2) spacecraft after its unmanned flight?

6 out of 10

From what Cape launch complex did all of the manned Gemini flights launch?

7 out of 10

What was the launch vehicle for all of the manned Gemini flights?

8 out of 10

An alternate recovery method was once planned for Gemini, which would have resulted in a landing on land rather than water. How did it work?

9 out of 10

An upper stage carried by the Atlas was used on Gemini missions as a docking target. What was the name of this upper stage?

10 out of 10

6 Responses

  1. Bob Moldenhauer
    | Reply

    I love your quizzes! Look forward to seeing them every Friday.

  2. Glenn Johnson
    | Reply

    90% not too bad. The launch complex question was a coin flip.

  3. Dave W
    | Reply

    70% for me, which I’m quite proud of. 🙂

  4. David Montgomery
    | Reply

    Got a 100%. Some of “old guys” still have the Right Stuff.

  5. Maury M
    | Reply

    Fifth perfect score on the quizzes. Us sixties kids rule the night !

  6. Joe M
    | Reply

    90% and also proud of it….. the only one I missed I thought I had correct though 🙁

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