Happy 45th Anniversary, Everyone!

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Today is the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing and EVA. Honestly, I thought I’d be spending these days at the Tranquility Base Museum, but we’ve still a ways to go for that. Let us celebrate the achievement and remember its magnificence. Here’s our look for Apollo 11, 45 Years on…

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  1. John B
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    Great video! Thank you, Mark, for all you’ve done to document humanity’s greatest adventure. Spacecraft Films is the best!

  2. David Colton
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    I’m gonna be picky and wait till tomorrow to celebrate. It was July 21 in the UK when they made the EVA lol (but they did land on the 20th UK time). Actually I’m not….gonna open a cold one in a bit and drink to the crew and everyone else who made the landing possible.

  3. Jeff Hurst
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    It was great to see your name in the credits for the “as it happened” moonwalk rebroadcast on NASA TV tonight!

  4. Bob Zwaagstra
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    I know I’m a day late but here goes anyway. I remember the night of July 20th, 1969 as if it were yesterday. I was a 15 year old Canadian military dependent living in southern Holland. I remember looking up at the moon many times that night knowing that history was being made. I did not go to sleep until the Eagle had landed. We later watched fuzzy TV images of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin exiting the LM. And not to forget Michael Collins who remained in orbit above in the CM. I feel privileged just to have been alive that day. Mark Gray, thank you for Spacecraft films.

  5. Maury M
    | Reply

    Outstanding piece of video, Mark. You did yourself and all who love the program proud!
    Thanks for all that you do.

  6. Michael Nagle
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    I can’t believe its been that long either. I’m going to watch Apollo 11 Men on the Moon to celebrate. My Dad and myself watch the liftoff together, the landing the first step and spacecraft landing in the Pacific. Where did the time go! Just remember it was perfect weather for the launch, Jack King and Walter Cronkite.

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