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Welcome to our Friday quiz!

With next week’s 45th anniversary of Apollo 11, we’ve started off with the first of two Apollo 11 quizzes. Good Luck!

This quiz will be available, but prize eligibility will end on Sunday at midnight US EDT.

This quiz, one prize: (drawn from the high scores): One copy of our Mission to the Moon DVD set. (If you already have this set I will make a substitution)

Since we’re offering prizes we ask that you take the quiz only once, and that you do NOT use the Google machine to give us your answers. Good Luck!

Apollo 11 Quiz #1: You'll be challenged with 10 questions on the mission of Apollo 11 Since we consider our quiz candidates to be a competent lot, but this quiz is one of our tougher tests, we've established a passing grade on this quiz of 70%. The quiz features ten questions, each worth ten points.

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Name the backup crew for Apollo 11.

1 out of 10

Apollo 11's lunar module Eagle was which LM?

2 out of 10

Who was CAPCOM during the Apollo 11 lunar landing?

3 out of 10

What was the local time when Apollo 11 launched?

4 out of 10

What were the program alarms Apollo 11 experienced during their lunar landing?

5 out of 10

Who was the rookie on the Apollo 11 prime crew?

6 out of 10

While on the porch before descending down the ladder, Armstrong pulled a handle. What did it do?

7 out of 10

What signatures are on the plaque on the front landing gear of Eagle?

8 out of 10

Who was the flight director on duty during the lunar landing on Apollo 11?

9 out of 10

What ship recovered the Apollo 11 crew and command module?

10 out of 10

13 Responses

  1. Carl Alessi
    | Reply

    Hmm…not sure what happened, but I didn’t get a score after clicking Submit.

    • markwgray
      | Reply

      Hmmm… strange. I tested it through missing at each level. And there’s a number of quizzes being taken successfully. I’m sorry for the glitch. Perhaps a program alarm?

  2. Carl Alessi
    | Reply

    Just took it a second time, giving the same answers. Worked fine this time using my iPhone as opposed to Internet Explorer.

  3. Glenn Johnson
    | Reply

    Aww, shoot. I read the capcom question too fast and thought it said “during the moonwalk”.

  4. David Colton
    | Reply

    After a long Friday in work there is nothing better than welcoming the weekend in with a good old quiz. Enjoyed that one.

  5. Stephen M. Zumbo
    | Reply

    Did better this week! I should have said Mesa, not camera, and Kranz for Flight Director, but I out guessed myself. Last week, my virtual keyboard wouldn’t come up after the quiz when I tapped everywhere in this Leave a Reply section, but it worked fine today.

  6. Larry Starkes
    | Reply

    Nailed it! I guess I can still remember this stuff!

  7. Roger A. Krupski
    | Reply

    Cool! I got them all right. Then again, I am an Apollo nut. I was 12 years old when Armstrong walked on the moon. I was in awe at what I was seeing. Even though I was only 12, I knew the significance of the history I was watching unfold before my eyes on that old Sylvania TV set with a rubber band on the tuner knob to keep the station tuned in. I even used my dad’s 8mm wind up movie camera and filmed the launch and the “first step” right off the TV screen. The image had dark bands rolling through it (aliasing between the camera frame rate and the TV scan rate) but it’s still quite good quality. And, being shot on Kodachrome film, the images are just as good today as they were in 1969. I distinctly remember being shocked that the initial TV image was upside down. I wondered “how on earth could they mount the camera wrong?”. It wasn’t until later that I learned that the camera WAS correctly mounted on the MESA (upside down) but a technician missed flipping the switch to right the image. I feel sad for younger kids who didn’t get to witness mankind’s greatest achievement “Live from the surface of the moon”.

  8. Michael Nagle
    | Reply

    Man I really thought Glynn Lunney was the main flight direction team when Eagle landed! I still remember sitting in front of the tv with my Dad (B+W). Those were the days! Mike Nagle

  9. Dave W
    | Reply

    Shoot, I missed the one about which LM they flew. I worked it backwards in my mind but counted one of the LMs that didn’t fly. Not bad considering I guessed on two others. 90% is a-Okay for me after my Mercury quiz debacle of 30%!

    Great quiz Mark! And happy Apollo 45 to all!

  10. Matthew Pavletich
    | Reply

    I got 100% percent!! I almost tripped up on the question about Armstrong pulling the cord to the deploy the …. But I figured it out.

  11. chris boyd
    | Reply

    Only one missed. Thanks Tom Hanks. You didn’t show a platform coming down on From the Earth to the Moon.

  12. Don
    | Reply

    Loved the quiz! 100% score of course. 🙂

    Love the “Max Peck” sign off.
    Explaining that name in history would be a great tie-breaker!

    Thanks Mark for all you do!

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