Notice to UK Customers

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We have learned that our web host is experiencing difficulty processing some orders from the UK. (September 9). You may get an error message that states we do not ship to your location. In fact, we ship everywhere in the UK. The host is working on the issue and will let us know when it is resolved. We apologize for … Read More

Highlight: Challenger

This week I’ve been re-reading “Truth Lies and O-rings” by Allan McDonald (with James R. Hansen), and have revisited our Challenger set; The two together present you with an excellent understanding of the accident. When embarking on producing the Challenger DVD set, my first mission was to include as much launch material as was available. My first goal was to … Read More

Why Spacecraft Films?

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Spacecraft Films is approaching its¬†13th anniversary. Over the years I tend to forget that new customers that have recently come upon us may not be aware of the reason the company was originally started, and what we’re about. The reasons the Spacecraft Films products were created is simple: 1) At the time, and even today, much of the archive of … Read More

The Blog is Back!

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The new¬†Spacecraft Films blog is now live, with new features and content. Our initial schedule for our new features: Every Thursday check in for a rotating feature – “Pet Peeves” and “Oddities,” pointing out mistaken or misleading space history, as well as unusual topics we’ve run across in our research. Every Friday check in for the weekly quiz. This week … Read More