Take the “Saturn V” Quiz!

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Welcome to our Friday¬†quiz (released early on Thursday)! Since we colonials celebrate this little thing called “Independence Day” on July 4th, and many will be off-the-grid and into other festivities, I’m releasing this quiz a wee-bit early. All week we’ve been posting about the countdown for Apollo 11, and the Saturn V. This week’s quiz is all about the Saturn … Read More

Preparing Apollo 11

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Through the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission (launch on July 16), we’ll be presenting a series of features detailing the preparations for the launch. Featuring edited excerpts¬†from our Apollo 11: Men on the Moon 3-DVD set, our first entry concerns the arrival and erection of the spacecraft and launch vehicle, the sixth Saturn V to be launched. Activity … Read More

Pet Peeve – Painting a Moon Rocket (Wrong)

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Why does it seem so difficult for cinema and television to get the roll pattern on the Saturn V correct? The most famous of the incorrectly painted Saturn V’s is from the movie “Apollo 13.” Just as in so many other screen appearances, the Saturn V is painted incorrectly for a flight vehicle (including Apollo 13). Why? The launch of … Read More