The Mighty Saturns: Saturn V

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This 3-DVD collection is the most comprehensive ever assembled on the Saturn V. Packed with spectacular footage, from every launch of a Saturn V to unique management reports, an original documentary, pad camera footage and more.

Region 0 (worldwide) – Total running time over 7 hours

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“The Saturn V” – 43 minute program detailing the conception, design, development, testing, and launch history of the Saturn V, featuring exclusive new interviews with Saturn veterans.

Bonus Materials

500F Rollout – A Saturn V facilities integration vehicle was created to allow the launch crews adequate training prior to processing of a flight vehicle. This vehicle, designated 500F, was painted differently than any Saturn V flight hardware. Features rollout to pad.

S-IC Stage Testing – Marshall Space Flight Center testing of the Saturn V first stage, featuring several views of ignition and burn of the five F-1 engines. Propellants were liquid oxygen and RP-1 (kerosene). Gimbal of the engines (moving them to steer the vehicle) is obvious during this footage.

S-II Stage Testing – Burn of the S-II stage for the full duration of a Saturn V mission. Features ignition and shutdown. Five J-2 liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen engines powered the second stage.

Apollo 8 Pad Operations – Features launch preparation for the Apollo 8 mission in December, 1968. Apollo 8 was the first manned Saturn V mission, sending Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders on the first trip to the vicinity of the moon.

Skylab Workshop Pad Operations – Launch preparations for the final Saturn V launch which place the Skylab orbital workshop into Earth orbit. The Skylab was a converted S-IVB stage modified to serve as a space laboratory. Only the first two stages of the launch vehicle were active on this mission.

Launch Escape System Test – The launch escape system provided the crew a means of escape in case of a catastrophic failure of the Saturn V. A solid fuel tractor rocket would remove the spacecraft from the vehicle up through first stage separation. Shortly after second stage ignition the tower would be jettisoned. This footage shows Apollo boilerplate 22, tested on a Little Joe II solid fuel rocket. No audio.


Disc 2 features footage from all 13 Saturn V launches, with multiple angles of each.

AS-501 (Apollo 4)

AS-502 (Apollo 6)

AS-503 (Apollo 8) – More Apollo 8 on disc 3

AS-504 (Apollo 9)

AS-505 (Apollo 10)

AS-506 (Apollo 11) More Apollo 11 on disc 3

AS-507 (Apollo 12) More Apollo 12 on disc 3

AS-508 (Apollo 13)

AS-509 (Apollo 14)

AS-510 (Apollo 15)

AS-511 (Apollo 16)

AS-512 (Apollo 17)

AS-513 (SL-1 Skylab Workshop)


Pad Camera Footage

AS-503 (Apollo 8)

AS-506 (Apollo 11)

AS-507 (Apollo 12)

These 11 Saturn V quarterly reports are from the Marshall Space Flight Center archives. Having been stored without environmental control, they suffered from “pink fade,” a common aging of color motion picture film. They were transferred in high definition and color-corrected at Crawford Communications in Atlanta. The missing reports from the sequence could not been located.

#2 – February – April 1963 – Description, final tooling, fabrication

#5 – December 1963 – February 1964 – Ground test stage construction

#6 – March – May 1964 – Ground test stage construction

#7 – June – August 1964 – Beginning of stage testing

#8 – September – November 1964 – Hydrostatic testing, F-1 production

#9 – December 1964 – February 1965 – Battleship stage testing, ground support equipment

#10 – March – May 1965 – Full power testing, first flight stages

#11 – June – August 1965 – Full duration test, flight stages

#12 – September – November 1965 – Hurricane Betsy, dynamic testing

#16 – September – November 1966 – Stacking first flight vehicle

#17 – December 1966 – February 1967 – Acceptance testing, dynamic testing

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