The Mighty Saturns: Saturn I and IB

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3-DVD collection on the development of the early Saturn launch vehicles, the Saturn I and Saturn IB. Featuring an original documentary and packed with pad camera footage.

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The Saturn I and IB were the first steps in developing large, clustered launch vehicles which eventually provided the power for the United States’ exploration of space. Born of a U.S. Army project, the Saturns were transferred to NASA and adopted to carry man into Earth orbit. The lessons learned from the early Saturns were applied to developing the Saturn V moon rocket, and were essential vehicles on America’s road to mission success.

The Saturn I and IB – 5.1 Surround – 43-minute program covering the conception, design, development, testing and launch history of the Saturn I and IB, featuring exclusive new interviews with Saturn veterans. Choose this selection for playing on a surround sound system. Launch sequences are recreated from Saturn launch audio, and contain intense low frequency effects.

Bonus Materials

As a vehicle designed to test concepts and develop launch vehicle techniques, the Saturn I and IB was heavily instrumented with television and film systems to allow engineers to monitor performance. Much of this engineering footage is presented here in raw form, along with documentation of significant Saturn I and IB milestones. This bonus footage includes S-I fuel tank installation, S-I test firing, S-IV handling, S-IV test firing, SA-5 TV launch feed, SA-5 tank interior, SA-6 onboards, SA-8 pegasus deployment, SA-203 liquid hydrogen tank interior, SA-1 erection and checkout, SA-5 pad damage, SA-204 pad operations, SA-206 pad operations and the SA-210 rollout.


Footage of every Saturn I launch from SA-1 through SA-10, and the Saturn IB launches from AS-201 through AS-210, most with multiple angles. Audio from Saturn launch audio in surround with intense low frequency effects.


The Launch of Apollo 7

Perimeter and Overall View

Service Structure, Overall Medium, Overall Launch, Camera E13, Camera E49, Camera E51, Camera E63

Tracking Views

Eight Tracking Camera Views A

Swing Arm/Tower Views

TOWER S-IVB,E42,E43,E45,E50,E52,E53,E55,E56,E104

Pedestal Views


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