Must Have It All Combo

$1,100.00 $699.00

All DVDs (and Blu-ray) Region 0 (worldwide)


Features all of our Space Sets:

X-15: The Edge of Space
Project Mercury
Project Gemini
Apollo 1
Apollo 7
Apollo 8
Apollo 9
Apollo 10
Apollo 11
Apollo 12
Apollo 13
Apollo 14
Apollo 15
Apollo 16
Apollo 17
Live From the Moon DVD
Live From the Moon Blu-ray
Aeronautics and Space Report 1965
Aeronautics and Space Report 1966
Aeronautics and Space Report 1967
Aeronautics and Space Report 1968
STS-1 through STS-41B
STS-51J through STS-28
Man In Space
The Mighty Saturns: Saturn I and IB
The Mighty Saturns: Saturn V
Liftoff: Success and Failure on the Launch Pad
Gemini Flight Controller Orientation
The Astronauts
Developing Project Apollo
Saturn’s First Power: The H-1 Engine
Freedom 7
Mission to the Moon

A value of over $1,100 at regular price, available together at an excellent value.

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