Manned Spacecraft Center Reports: 1964-1969


1 DVD featuring 11 progress reports from the Manned Spacecraft Center (later JSC). Over 4 hours and 35 minutes of rare material.

Region 0 (worldwide)


The Manned Spacecraft Center Progress reports DVD contains 11 reports produced by the Center (later the Johnson Space Center) in Houston. They cover January 1, 1964 through July, 1969. Offering unique insights into the operations behind the Gemini and Apollo programs, they are filled with rare footage documenting the 1960’s at the center. Running times for each report vary from 27 minutes to 12 minutes, and each report covers a period of six months.

The Manned Spacecraft Center reports were transferred from a video master, and do not represent as crisp a quality as some of our other material. However, we feel the unique nature of the reports overcomes any shortfall in picture quality. Of course they are of similar quality to just about any non-Spacecraft Films product on early space exploration, but we wanted you to know they were of lesser picture quality than our standard.

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