Man In Space: US Air Force Space Projects

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Man In Space features rare material we’ve run across over the last few years – material surrounding the Air Force manned space projects, including the X-20 Dyna-soar, Gemini B and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. In addition to period documentaries and rare footage, you’ll also find material surrounding other Air Force projects such as Manhigh and Excelsior. Approximately 2 hours of material.

The Air Force In Space

Man and Space – Early 1960s Air Force documentary on the upcoming adventures into space, including the aeromedical challenges man would face. (21:00)

Project Manhigh – Footage from the Manhigh baloon/gondola project to high altitudes

Project Excelsior – Footage from the high altitude jump project

The X-20 Dyna-Soar

The Story of Dyna-Soar – Air Force documentary telling the story of the X-20.

Dynamic-Soaring – Rare early footage of Dyna-Soar work, including large scale mockups, materials testing and more. (17:31)

Cockpit familiarization – Astronauts, including Gus Grissom, check out the mockup of the X-20 cockpit.

Las Vegas – Unveiling of the X-20 mockup at the Air Force Association convention in Las Vegas. From a stunning new transfer from a 35mm master. (10:50)

Manrating the Gemini Booster: The Second Step – 1967 Air Force film report on the manrating efforts with the Titan booster (to be used in the Titan IIIC for the MOL). (18:45)

Zero-G – KC-135 testing to examine the ability for astronauts to transit the MOL/Gemini tunnel (back through the Gemini heat shield). (15:52)

Gemini B Mockup – Short footage of a full scale mockup of the Gemini B spacecraft. (5:04)

Almost a Mission – Preparation, launch, and recovery of the Gemini B spacecraft (formerly GT-2) for a heat shield test and Titan IIIC configuration check. (30:00)

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