Gemini Flight Controller Orientation

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Unique series of films documenting the individual systems of Project Gemini.

Region 0 (worldwide) – Total Running Time Over 77 minutes


Imagine it is 1965, and you arrive in Houston for your new position in Mission Control for Project Gemini. For orientation it is movie time! These wonderful rare films take you through Gemini systems… and contains 77 minutes of material and a unique insight into Project Gemini. We love the increased understanding and look at individual systems and hardware.

The Twelve Gemini 1967
GT-2 Reentry Mission 1965
Gemini Systems – The Gemini Missions 1965
Gemini Systems – Spacecraft Structures 1965
Gemini Systems – Environmental Control Systems 1965
Gemini Systems – Guidance and Navigation 1965
Gemini Systems – Propulsion and Control 1965
Gemini Systems – Electrical Power Systems 1965
Gemini Systems – Sequential Systems 1965

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