Freedom 7


1 DVD collection of rare material surrounding Alan Shepard's suborbital Mercury mission. With over 500 rare photos.

Region 0 (worldwide)


Spacecraft Films’ original documentary on the Freedom 7 mission
NASA-produced documentary on the Freedom 7 Mission
NASA-produced “U.S. Astronaut Rides Into Space”
United States Information Agency-produced “Experiment in Space”
The Flight
MR-3 Simulator – Pre-flight training
Launch Day – Preparation for the flight, suitup, transfer to the pad
Launch – The launch of MR-3
Onboard – Footage from the Freedom 7 onboard camera
Mercury Control – Scenes from Mercury Control during the mission
Recovery – Completing the first successful U.S. space flight
Aftermath – Post-flight activities and ceremonies
Photographs – A collection of over 500 photographs surrounding the Freedom 7 mission compiled by J.L. Pickering

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