Apollo HD Onboard Film Plus Apollo 11 EVA (Hard Drive)


Hard Drive containing the Apollo Onboard film (from 7-17) plus bonus material and the Apollo 11 restored EVA television.


Spacecraft Films is proud to make available this remarkable opportunity to own all of the Apollo mission onboard film magazines at top quality – in full HD. Technology has proceeded to the point that we believe a number of our customers would like to have this material so that they can work with it in the highest possible quality, so we’ve decided to offer the material in this manner, without being limited to disc size and compression, which reduces quality and length of material.

You recieve the best quality transfer available of this historic material, in full HD along with a document featuring detailed descriptions and timings of the material contained on each magazine (as compiled by JSC). This purchase includes the price of the drive on which the material is delivered – yours to keep.

Default delivery is via a MAC formatted USB drive. If you’d like a PC formatted drive, please specify in the notes section at checkout.

Delivered via a 2+ TB external hard drive (you choose), you’ll get the complete Apollo Onboard Mission Film (DAC 16mm camera) now including the restored Apollo 11 EVA television.

Please Note: This material is full HD, but was formatted 4:3. It is HIGHLY recommended that you back up this material as soon as possible. Protecting your data is up to you. Also note that this material requires adequate horsepower on your computer to play smoothly.

This material is ready for shipping now. We will create each drive as it is ordered, so please allow up to one week for shipping.

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Weight 2 lbs