Apollo 7: Shakedown Cruise

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2-DVD collection of material, including preparation, launch, onboard film and television, plus recovery. The most complete chronicle available on the first manned Apollo flight.

Region 0 (worldwide) – Running time over 4 hours

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Altitude Chamber – Footage from altitude chamber runs in the Command Module. Includes backup crew run (Stafford-Young-Cernan). Also includes footage from a crew conference with Deke Slayton on October 8th, and interior of the spacecraft (on the ground). Audio from pre-flight interview with Wally Schirra.

CDDT – Footage from the countdown demonstration test. Includes suitup and ingress, egress and emergency egress at the pad. Audio from interview with Don Eisele.

Prelaunch Alert – Footage of pad work in preparation of the SA-205 vehicle for launch from pad 34. Audio from pre-launch and post-launch press conferences with flight management.

Launch Day – Suitup, transfer to pad, ingress. Audio from pre-flight interview with Walt Cunningham.

Launch – Multi-angle launch footage, including surround audio track and PAO and air to ground audio through staging. Includes multiple angles from closeup pad cameras of the Apollo 7 liftoff.


TV Transmission #1 – “From the Lovely Apollo Room High Atop Everything.” – First live TV transmission from Apollo.

TV Transmission #2 – “Are you a turtle?” Onboard tour. The “Are you a turtle?” question was aimed at Deke Slayton and Public Affairs Officer Paul Haney. This was a “gotcha” wherein if you were asked “Are you a turtle?” you had to reply, no matter where you were, with “You bet your sweet ass I am.” If you did not, you had to buy drinks for the group.

TV Transmission #3 – Onboard tour continued.

TV Transmission #4 – Onboard tour.

TV Transmission #5 – Onboard tour and activities.

TV Transmission #6 – (Silent) Audio for this short transmission could not be located.

TV Transmission #7 – “Everybody out of the Pool” and “As the Sun Sinks Slowly in the West.” Final Transmission.

ABOARD APOLLO VII – Onboard 16mm footage. Includes rendezvous with S-IVB and interior footage. Audio from post-flight press conference with NASA management detailing the accomplishments of the Apollo 7 mission.

RECOVERY – October 22nd, in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Bermuda. The splashdown occurred in a rainstorm, and visual of the spacecraft was not attained until after splashdown. Features footage from recovery and astronauts on the carrier deck. No speeches were made by the crew on the carrier (U.S.S. Essex). Audio include retrofire, recovery and President’s Johnson’s phone call to the crew.

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2 reviews for Apollo 7: Shakedown Cruise

  1. markwgray

    Michael Nagle (Naperville, IL) 10/3/2014 2:57 AM
    Out of all the Apollo sets this is one of my favorites. It was one of the most important flight in the Apollo program. The testing of a new piece of equipment~the Command and Service Module. This was right after the programs National Tragedy with the lose of 3 astronauts. This mission put the NASA program back on track to the Moon. Footage quality is outstanding. You feel like your right there as the Saturn 1b takes flight. One of the best quality launch footage I have ever seen!

  2. markwgray

    Charles Scamardo (Fort Smith, AR) 6/11/2012 5:46 PM
    I really enjoyed the Apollo 7 set. Again, I am very pleased with the material, much of which I had never seen. Great for any space buff!

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