Apollo 14: To Fra Mauro

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5-DVD collection featuring complete television and onboard film, preparation, launch, recovery, more.

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Altitude Chamber – Footage from altitude chamber training with the CSM and the LM. Audio from pre-flight Voice of America interviews with the crew (29:58)

EVA Training – Footage from the lunar EVA training of Shepard and Mitchell. Includes both indoor and outdoor training for both EVAs. Audio from pre-flight news conference with the crew. (49:40)

CDDT – Footage from the countdown demonstration test. Audio from pre-flight interviews with the crew. (8:13)


Spacecraft Work – Operations surrounding the preparation of the Kitty Hawk and Antares for flight. Audio from the post-lunar landing mission control shift change news conference. (33:10)

Rollout – Voyage of the launch vehicle on the LUT/crawler-transporter from the VAB to pad 39A. Audio from the pre-launch news conference 1/30/71. (23:05)

Pad Operations – Work at the pad. Audio from pre-launch news conference. (23:15)


Launch Day – Crew meeting, breakfast, suitup, to the pad, ingress (and the Klink helmet). Audio from VOA coverage of the launch from T-8:00 and holding to approximately T-3:30 and counting (11:35)

Launch – Seven separate angles of the launch. Audio continues through orbital insertion.


Transposition and Docking – Television transmission and 16mm data acquisition camera footage (when available on angle 2) from CSM/LM docking. Apollo 14 experienced difficulty in docking with the LM, and after some time finally achieved a hard dock. The problems did not resurface during the lunar orbit docking. (1:45:00)


Probe TV Transmission – CSM television transmission to examine the docking probe and drogue after difficulties were experienced. Audio from air to ground transmission. (1:03:00)

LM Intravehicular Transfer – Planned television transmission showing the lunar module Antares on the way to the moon. Due to the configuration of the spacecraft the LM was very dark. Audio from air to ground transmission. (34:41)

Lunar Landing – 16mm data acquisition camera footage of the separation of Antares from Kitty Hawk and the landing upon the moon. Track begins at “go for PDI” call and continues through the landing. 16mm footage when available, including from about 15 seconds prior to pitchover through the landing. (18:20)



Onboards – 16mm data acquisition camera footage. These onboards are the remaining 16mm footage that does not cover specific areas of the mission (and thus are contained elsewhere in this DVD set). Audio for the post-flight press conference with the crew. (36:39)

Landing Site Flyover – Created by Don Davis, this flyover of the Apollo 14 landing site with the two EVA traverses indicated, gives an excellent look at the terrain and at just how close Shepard and Mitchell came to looking into Cone crater.

EVA 1 – The first EVA lasted approximately 4 hours and 49 minutes, and consisted primarily of familiarization on the surface and the ALSEP deployment. The contingency sample and about 43 pounds of lunar material was also taken for return.

Shepard’s First Steps – From the MESA the initial steps of Shepard to the surface were recorded, before the TV was moved to a location farther from the LM for observation of activities. (41:20)

Back Outside – On 14 the LMP went back inside the LM to change the communications configuration in order to use the newly erected antenna. Shepard filmed the second egress of Mitchell from the LM with the 16mm data acquisition camera (also called the sequence camera). During this track the 16mm footage is available on angle 2, during both Mitchell’s egress and the raising of the U.S. flag.

Setting up – Activities prepatory to the ALSEP deployment. (1:18:00)

ALSEP multi-angle – During part of the ALSEP deployment the 16mm camera took 6 frames-per-second motion pictures of the work. Two film magazines were exposed, and are available on angle 2 during this track.

ALSEP – Remainder of ALSEP deploy, television transmission only. (1:22:00)

Closeout – Wrapping up the first EVA. (52:29)

Photography – Slideshow with surface photography from EVA 1.


EVA 2 – The second EVA lasted 4 hours and 35 minutes, and was primarily concerned with geologic sampling and a traverse to Cone crater. Shepard and Mitchell came very close to reaching it, without realizing just how close they really were. During much of this EVA the camera was pointed toward the flank of Cone crater, but unlike the lunar rover television later on Apollo 15-17 there was no way to take television along for the trip. Because of this during the trip to Cone crater a second angle has been provided which contains the still photography taken during the traverse, at the approximate time each was exposed.

Once More Out – Initial activities for EVA 2, including loading up the MET for the trek to Cone. (46:20)

To Cone Crater – Featuring two angles – one with the television only on angle 1 and one with the still photography added (on angle 2) (1:38:00)

Back to Antares – Featuring two angles – one with television only on angle 1 and one with the still photography added (on angle 2) (1:37:00)

Closing Out – Final activities at Fra Mauro. (37:44)

Equipment Jettison – Before leaving the moon the crew once again depressurized and jettisoned equipment no longer needed. The camera was still operational and captured the jettison. The flag moves due to the gases from the LM during the depressurization. (29:20)



Lunar Liftoff – 16mm DAC footage from the LM window during the liftoff from the moon. Audio begins 15 minutes before lunar liftoff, while the film starts just before liftoff. Audio continues to lunar orbit insertion. (27:10)

Rendezvous and Dock – Television and 16mm DAC footage from the approach of Antares and docking in lunar orbit. Angle 1 is television, angle 2 is 16mm (where available) and angle 3 is both combined. (24:48)

LM Jettison – 16mm DAC footage of the jettison of Antares. Audio from air to ground. (7:05)


Experiments – Television transmission on the way back from the moon demonstrating the experiments carried aboard the CM. (49:27)

In-flight Press Conference – Crew answers questions on the way back from the moon (24:14)

Recovery – Operations surrounding the recovery of the Apollo 14 crew and spacecraft. The recovery track contains a good deal of extra footage which is silent. It is provided as an extra. (1:07:52)

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