Apollo 12: Ocean of Storms

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3-DVD collection on the second manned lunar landing, including preparation, launch, complete television and onboard film, recovery and more

Region 0 (Worldwide) – Running time over 12 hours

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In November 1969 the second manned lunar landing extended the accomplishment of reaching the Moon by orchestrating a pinpoint landing, necessary for the voyages of exploration to come. Setting down in the Ocean of Storms, Pete Conrad and Alan Bean explored their landing site through two EVAs, including a visit to the Surveyor 3 spacecraft, which had touched down in April 1967 a short distance away.

This 3-DVD collection brings you the complete story of Apollo 12, from the complete television transmissions to the onboard film. From pre-launch preparation through launch, the lunar landing, recovery and more, you’ll see Apollo 12 as never before.

The lunar surface television camera was not operable after the first hour on the surface due to a burned out tube. On this set you’ll still be able to experience both of the EVAs in their entirety with “rebuilt” coverage through the use of photos, checklists and explanatory graphics. The set also features rare onboard audio during launch and recovery as well as rare pre- and post-flight interviews.

Detailed DVD Contents and Chapter Stops

Disc 1


Intrepid Checkout – Flight hardware checkout of Grumman’s LM-6, including the MESA and SEQ bay. Audio from pre-flight press conference. (26:20)

  1. MESA
  2. SEQ Bay
  3. SRC
  4. Flight ALSEP
  5. Intrepid Emerges

Altitude Chamber – Prime and backup crew runs in the altitude chamber with both the CM and the LM. Audio from pre-flight press conference. (14:42)

  1. Prime Crew
  2. Backup Crew

Spacecraft Mate – Work on North American’s CSM-108, and mating of the spacecraft to the launch vehicle. Audio from pre-flight press conference. (13:40)

Rollout & Padwork – Rollout of the launch vehicle from the VAB to pad 39A, as well as work at the pad leading to launch. Audio from a pre-flight mission briefing conducted by mission director Chester M. Lee. (43:04)


Simulator – Crew outside and inside the command module simulator. Audio from engineering interviews concerning training & the color television camera planned for the lunar surface. (7:45)

Landing Practice – Al Bean at Langly during landing practice, 7-28-69. Audio from an engineering interview on the planned pinpoint landing near Surveyor III. (9:28)

T-38s – Corvettes and T-38s. Oh, and the crew also. Audio from a pre-flight interview with command module pilot Dick Gordon. (13:21)

EVA Training – Conrad and Bean training for their EVAs. Audio from a pre-flight briefing on the lunar surface activities by assistant mission director Thomas McMullen. (30:18)

  1. ALSEP Checkout
  2. EVA 2 Simulation
  3. Additional ALSEP Handling

CDDT – Activity of the crew surrounding the countdown demonstration test, including suit up and a photo opportunity. Audio from a pre-flight interview with LMP Alan Bean. (9:21)


Launch Day – Breakfast, suit up, transfer to pad and ingress. Audio from a pre-flight interview with commander Pete Conrad. (14:38)

  1. Breakfast
  2. Suitup
  3. Walkout
  4. Swing Arm
  5. Ingress

Multi-angle Launch – Five separate launch views, digitally transferred from original pad camera film. Access the angles with your DVD player’s remote. The 6th angle is a composite. Audio channel 1 is a surround track with the PAO and air to ground in the front channels and the flight director’s loop in the rear channels. There is a low frequency channel for effect. Audio channel 2 is a stereo mix. Audio continues to orbital insertion.

Launch – Lightning – Wide angle camera which captured the lightning strike on the vehicle at :36 seconds. Look closely! Audio from the flight director’s loop. Audio continues through orbital insertion.

Launch – Onboard – Slow motion view of launch from level zero – mobile launch platform. Audio is from the onboard command module recorder (which starts about 10 seconds prior to launch). Audio channel 1 is a surround track with the onboard recorder in the front channels and the PAO/air to ground in the rear channels. Audio 2 is a stereo mix. Audio 3 is the command module onboard recorder in the clear. Audio continues through orbital insertion.

LCC/Pad Damage – Footage of the launch control center for preparation and launch. Also footage of the pad showing damage. Audio from the post-launch press conference. (18:17)

Under Way

TD&E – (Transposition, Docking & Exctraction) Multi-angle view. Angle 1 is the TV, Angle 2 is the 16mm sequence camera and Angle 3 is a composite of the two. (37:20)

Mission Control – Activity throughout the mission in the MOCR. Audio from a pre-flight interview with the prime flight director Gerry Griffin. Also audio from TLI burn. (20:04)

  1. Launch
  2. TLI and TV Pass
  3. Translunar Coast
  4. Lunar Landing
  5. LM Liftoff & TEI

Hybrid Maneuver – TV transmission during preparations for and during the hybrid trajectory burn. (47:17)


Intravehicular – TV transmission during trans-lunar coast with a trip inside the LM.

Lunar Suface – TV transmission with a look a the Moon from orbit.

Undocking – Multi-angle views of the undocking and stationkeeping of Intrepid before descent. Angle 1 features TV transmission, Angle 2 is the 16mm sequence camera. Because of the nature of the footage, the sequence camera footage is not synchronized with the audio, and is only available for a portion of the track.

Lunar Landing – 16mm sequence camera footage of the descent and landing of Intrepid on the Ocean of Storms.

  1. Go for PDI
  2. Sequence Camera/Pitchover
  3. Final Approach

EVA 1 – On Apollo 12 the television camera failed within the first hour of surface activities. The EVAs are built from the TV, film, photos, checklists and maps, and contain the complete audio for both. Where TV is available, Angles 1 is the enhanced track with “everything,” Angle 2 is the television in the clear, and angle 3 is the sequence camera (when available). During some of these sections, due to heavy noise in the TV, the bit rate is challenged by motion and you may see some breakup. These smooth out as the EVA progresses.

A Small One For Neil…

  1. Out the Door
  2. At the MESA
  3. The LEC
  4. Out comes Al

TV Gone (49:55)

  1. Moving On
  2. Panoramas
  3. ALSEP Offload
  4. RTG

ALSEP (1:09:54)

  1. Traverse
  2. Deployment
  3. Antenna
  4. Mounds

Closing Out (54:49)

  1. First Geology
  2. Pan
  3. Packing Up
  4. Back Inside

DISC 3 – EVA 2

Head Crater (59:23)

  1. Outside for the Last Time
  2. Sequence Camera
  3. Polarization Shots

Sharp Crater (37:22)

  1. Sampling
  2. Panoramas
  3. Special Samples

Halo Crater (37:43

  1. Off to Halo
  2. Core Tubes
  3. Pan

Surveyor III (49:38)

  1. Into Surveyor Crater
  2. The Fabulous Picture Never Taken
  3. Taking Parts From Surveyor III

Closing Out (52:21)

  1. Back to Intrepid
  2. Last Pans/Rocky Crater
  3. We Came In Peace… Again

Coming Home

Ascent – Tv transmission (angle 1) and 16mm sequence camera (angle 2) of approach and docking in lunar orbit. Includes audio of the lunar liftoff (not captured visually). (24:49)

Post TEI – TV transmission a short time after trans-Earth injection (37:24).

Inflight Press – TV transmission in which the crew answers questions from reporters (31:41).

Aboard Apollo XII – Onboard 16mm sequence camera footage. Audio from post-flight interview with the crew (47:15).

Recovery – Footage from splashdown and recovery aboard the U.S.S. Hornet. Audio from Voice of America coverage of recovery (audio channel 1) and the command module onboard recovery (audio channel 2).

  1. Preparing Hornet
  2. Entry Interface
  3. Drogues
  4. Back Home
  5. President

©2005 Spacecraft Films. All Rights Reserved. Footage and photographs courtesy unless otherwise indicated. Produced by Mark Gray for Spacecraft Films, Charlotte, NC. Special thanks to Kipp Teague and his exceptional site of Apollo images at and to Eric M. Jones and the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (and its contributors). The ALSJ is available on the web at Thanks to Alan Bean for his permission to use a piece of his art during EVA 2. See his exceptional works at Thanks also to Apollo 12 CMP Dick Gordon.

Thanks to Andrew Chaikin for rare onboard audio, and to J.L. Pickering. Thanks to Steve Garber of the NASA History Office, Benny Cheney at Johnson Space Center, Houston, The National Archives, and Bono Film and Video, Arlington, VA.

This set is dedicated to the fourth star on the Apollo 12 patch, C.C. Williams, and to Pete Conrad. May the spirit of Apollo 12 live on in the future explorations of mankind.

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