Apollo 10: Dress Rehearsal

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2-DVD set covering the mission of Apollo 10, with preparation, launch, recovery, and the complete television transmissions and onboard film.

Region 0 (worldwide) – Running time over 8 hours




LM-4 – Checkout of the second manned lunar module “Snoopy” for the Apollo 10 flight. Arrival of the LM at Kennedy Space Center, uncrating, checkout of both the descent and ascent stages. Audio from pre-flight interview with lunar module pilot Gene Cernan.

Pad Visit – Footage shows crew visit to the pad (the only use of LC39 Pad B in the Apollo lunar program). Shows the crew examining the emergency egress system, the “rubber room” and altitude chamber runs with the LM. Audio from pre-flight press conference with the crew.

Rollout – Footage from the rollout of the Saturn V aboard the mobile launch platform from the VAB to pad 39B. Audio from pre-flight interview and press conference with the crew.

Padwork – Footage from the pre-launch alert at the launch pad, the day before the launch, documenting final preparations for launch. Audio from pre-flight press conference with the crew.

Launch Day – Footage from suitup, transfer to the pad and ingress prior to launch. Audio from pre-flight interview with Cernan and Young.

Launch – Multi-angle track. Use your DVD player’s remote control to access multi-angle features. 6 angles of the launch. Final angle shows all 6 views on one screen. Two audio tracks available. Use your DVD player’s audio button to access. Track 1 features the public affairs commentary, while track 2 features the crew air to ground transmissions. Audio continues through S-II burn.

Transposition and Docking – Television transmission and onboard film of the transposition and docking maneuver – Presented as multi-angle, with TV on angle 1, film on angle 2, and composite of both on angle 3, 3:06:00 GET

Aboard Apollo X – Onboard 16mm film taken aboard the Apollo 10 spacecraft, by magazine. Audio varies, and includes pre-flight press conference with George Low and Chris Kraft, air to ground from TLI burn, and post-flight interviews with the crew. TDE 16mm footage and entry footage contained on other tracks within this set.


Apollo 10 Television Transmissions

3:56:00 GET – CSM/LM Ejection and S-IVB imaging

5:06:34 GET – Views of Earth #1 – 7:11:27 GET – Views of Earth #2 – 27:00:48 GET – Views of Earth #3

47:00:00 GET – Television transmissions (several clips) recorded at Madrid – 49:54:00 GET – Views of Earth

53:35:30 GET – Views of Earth and Spacecraft Interior

72:37:26 GET – Views of Earth

80:44:40 GET – View of lunar surface on the first orbit

98:29:20 GET – LM Separation maneuver (LM moves away from CSM)

132:07:12 GET – View of lunar surface and spacecraft interior

137:50:51 GET – View of Moon after trans-Earth injection burn

139:30:16 GET – View of Moon

147:23:00 GET – Views of receding Moon

152:29:19 GET – View of Earth, Moon and spacecraft interior

173:27:17 GET – Views of Earth and spacecraft interior

186:51:49 GET – View of Earth and spacecraft interior, final transmission

Recovery – Apollo 10 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, May 26, 1969.

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