Spacecraft Films was founded in late 2001 by Mark Gray, who previously worked in the broadcast television business for over 20 years. Spacecraft Films is located in Atlanta, GA.

Mark was born in the early 60’s in Huntsville, Alabama, where his father worked for a NASA contractor. It was during these days that his passion for space exploration began. This study and interest in space exploration led directly to the founding of the company – born of desire to make the material available in complete form at a reasonable cost. The unique combination of television production experience and space exploration knowledge and interest brings excellent new value and accuracy to Spacecraft Films’ products.

In addition, the company has a commitment to providing value back to the historical archive. Not only does Spacecraft Films provide excellent access to new transfers of historical material, but we also leave behind digital copies with the agency holding the record in order to help preserve the documentation of space history.

We also have a commitment to research, and take seriously our role in locating, compiling, and accurately citing the material contained on our sets. If we are unable to verify documentation on a piece of footage or material, we will note the ambiguity. More often we will keep working until we can positively define the material. In our original documentaries, we only use shots specific to the topic at hand, and do not choose them simply because they "look good here." Nor do we embellish material, such as adding engine sounds in a vacuum, etc. We are committed to the truth in the presentation of what we feel is a treasure… the actual record of history being made.

Spacecraft Films Facts:

Founded in late 2001. Based in Atlanta, Georgia

Researches material throughout several agencies, including NASA centers, the National Archives, Military archive repositories and private collections

Produces television programming and DVDs on aerospace subjects, including an acclaimed line of unique material on the history of the U.S. space program

Provider of stock footage of U.S. space events to Discovery, History Channel, CBS, BBC, Showtime and more

Educational support of space activities through numerous projects with museums, planetariums and schools

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