The Friday Quiz Is Back!

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This time the quiz is all about Saturn rockets. Good luck!

Welcome to your Saturn Rockets Quiz

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This Saturn IB was originally stacked for Apollo 1, but was ultimately used to test the first lunar module in Earth Orbit. What was the designation of the rocket?

1 out of 10

This Saturn I was the first Saturn mission with a live upper stage, and is considered by many to be one of the coolest Saturns ever flown. What was the rocket's designation?

2 out of 10

There's an evil Saturn V that has caused much mayhem; it is the only one painted in a non-flight configuration. This vehicle was used to validate launch complex 39, and has black stripes on the S-IC intertank and a 200 series S-IVB. What is the name of this beast?

3 out of 10

Originally, an even larger family of U.S. rockets were to have been developed immediately beyond the Saturn family, able to lift even more payload for future exploration. The launch area was to be north of launch complex 39. What was the name of this proposed family of rockets?

4 out of 10

How did the Saturn V steer during the initial phases of flight?

5 out of 10

How much did a Saturn V (generally) weigh fully fueled for a launch to the Moon?

6 out of 10

The very tippy top of the Saturn V contained static ports that measured dynamic pressure and aerodynamic incidence angle information. What was this instrument called?

7 out of 10

Where did the first Saturn rocket (SA-1) launch from?

8 out of 10

Who made the Saturn V stages? (in order, first (S-IC), second (S-II), and third (S-IVB))

9 out of 10

What automobile manufacturer built (some of) the Saturn I and Saturn IB stages?

10 out of 10

Thank you for taking the Saturn Rockets Quiz.

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  1. Glenn Johnson
    | Reply

    Always fun!

  2. Patrick Gleeson
    | Reply

    Thanks Mark great quiz – again 🙂

  3. Thomas Galli
    | Reply

    Great Quiz. Looking foprward to more.

  4. Joe Martinez
    | Reply

    These are fun. We need these to keep us on our toes in a facts sharp. Keep up the good work

  5. Larry Starkes
    | Reply

    That was good for the old memory! Keep them coming!

  6. Michael Hoskins
    | Reply

    These quizzes really push your Apollo knowledge.. Good fun..

  7. Raymond Ramirez
    | Reply

    I missed the second questions because I didn’t follow closely the Saturn I launches. I did follow all the Saturn V launches and I sll have two scale models built in 1968 (Monogram) and 1969 (Revell), I vene had the chance to witness a live launch but I did see the Saturn V lying on the ground at the Kennedy Space Center years ago, and I have seen the upgraded Satuen V in the new building.

    I hope to see the F-1 engine re-engineered and rebuilt some day!

    • RogerK
      | Reply

      A single F-1 (or the F-1A) could power a Falcon 9… only problem being the return to earth burn.

      The F-1 was a single start engine requiring both tank head pressure and a hypergol cartridge for startup. The stage falling back to earth would have almost no tank head, and a second hypergol starter would be needed. Probably wouldn’t work. Also, the full 6.77 MN non throttleable thrust would be way too much for a soft landing.

      I really would love to see F-1 engines flying again though… especially in place of those RD-180 things…

  8. RogerK
    | Reply

    Shame on me! I got one wrong. 🙁

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