The Earth-based 50th Anniversary Star Trek Quiz!

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There are a number of references to Earth history (or writing of Earth history) in Star Trek, and we thought it would be fun to build a quiz around them in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the show. So test your knowledge, as we boldly go where no quiz has gone before…

Welcome to your Star Trek/Earth Quiz

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What type of rocket is agent Gary Seven trying to sabotage in the episode "Assignment Earth?"

1 out of 10

What kind of aircraft intercepts the U.S.S. Enterprise in the episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday?"

2 out of 10

What was the name of the 21st Century Earth scientist who created the Nomad space probe?

3 out of 10

In the episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday," a radio broadcast states the first manned moon shot is to take place on which day of the week?

4 out of 10

In the episode "Space Seed," what decade saw the building of the DY-100 class spacecraft (Khan's ship)?

5 out of 10

Khan Noonien Singh participated in what late 20th Century Earth conflict?

6 out of 10

What is the full title of "The Book" (published 1992) in the episode "A Piece of the Action?"

7 out of 10

What's the name of Kirk's old history professor that unleashes National Socialism upon the planet Ekos (and Zeon), in the episode "Patterns of Force?"

8 out of 10

What incident in Earth's history do the Melkotians place the crew into for ignoring warnings to stay away in "Spectre of the Gun?"

9 out of 10

In "Who Mourns for Adonais?" Greek god Apollo claims Spock reminds him of someone that "always bored me(him)," who was that?

10 out of 10

Thank you for taking the Star Trek/Earth Quiz.

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  1. Jay Ross
    | Reply

    Fun quiz. What’s next Jaws?

  2. James Rosencrans
    | Reply

    Fun quiz.

  3. Dave
    | Reply

    Pretty tough quiz; just the way I like it.

  4. Glenn Johnson
    | Reply

    It’s frightening how some of those answers jumped out at me.

    • markwgray
      | Reply

      Frightening how I only looked things up to “confirm” the answers. Didn’t really need to do so. Think maybe I should check into getting a life.

  5. Don J
    | Reply

    Geez, only got 3. Mark, according to your logic I must have a life! 😉

  6. Steve G
    | Reply

    Nine of ten. I guess I have no life.

  7. Joe Brooks
    | Reply

    Aced it! And yet somehow, I just celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary. I guess it IS possible to be a Trekkie AND have a life. 🙂

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