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Welcome to your Moonwalks Quiz

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Who was the youngest man to walk on the Moon?

1 out of 10

How many Lunar Roving Vehicles are still sitting upon the Moon?

2 out of 10


Who's foot is inside this boot?

3 out of 10

Who is the only man to have travelled to the Moon twice without walking upon it?

4 out of 10

Which of the following was NOT an Apollo Lunar Landing Site?

5 out of 10

Only one lunar landing mission conducted a "stand up EVA" through the LM's upper hatch. Which one was it?

6 out of 10

Which boot did Neil Armstrong plant first upon the Moon?

7 out of 10

What was the first lunar landing mission to broadcast from the surface in color?

8 out of 10

Who hit a golf ball on the Moon?

9 out of 10

How many Moonwalkers are still alive today (June 30, 2016)?

10 out of 10

18 Responses

  1. Carl Alessi
    | Reply

    Thanks for the quiz.

  2. Marco Baccini
    | Reply

    I believe that the TV Camera on Apollo 12 got damaged by holding it into the sun. I don’t think it transmitted any color TV.

    • markwgray
      | Reply

      It transmitted for about an hour. It was damaged when being moved from the MESA to the tripod.

      • Jim Rosencrans
        | Reply

        I think I remember seeing Al Bean and Pete Conrad at that year’s Emmy Awards with a short footage of Bean moving the camera from the MESA to the tripod and the inadvertent pointing of the camera into the sun frying the vidicon. I couldnt believe it when it happened………

      • Raymond J Ramirez
        | Reply

        It was about an hour. I saw the EVA while in college, but on a monochrome TV (color TVs were expensive in 1969).

  3. Dave
    | Reply

    Wow, I aced it. I had to guess for #7 – which of Neil’s feet touched first, and had to count on one hand the number of moonwalkers left, almost forgetting the most recent death.

    Great quiz, Mark!

    • RogerK
      | Reply

      I had to replay the first step video in my mind… watching Armstrong holding onto the LM facing the camera, then testing the surface with his left foot.

      I only wish Neil had finally cleared up the “one step for man” vs “one step for A man” controversy before he left us. Personally, I cannot hear the “A”, nor is there space enough between his words “for” and “man” for “A” to fit in.

      I guess we’ll never know now. 🙁

  4. Christian Handler
    | Reply

    Great quiz, enjoyed it!

  5. Dave
    | Reply

    Marco, I think it’s time for you to order the Apollo 12 DVD set!

  6. Michael
    | Reply

    Way too easy.

  7. Serge Laucher
    | Reply

    Interesting quizz. Thanks

  8. George Ellis
    | Reply

    That was fun. Looking forward to the next one!

  9. Robin Wheeler
    | Reply

    Great to have the quiz back, but it was a little too easy. Keep em coming.

  10. Glenn Johnson
    | Reply

    That was a good quiz. Though I didn’t understand the hint on the first question. “\”

  11. James Whitear
    | Reply

    I missed the quiz. I’m as rubbish as before though!

  12. Ferris Buell
    | Reply

    I thought the color tv question might be a trick question as it did not work for long before it was turned into the sun. Hard to believe only 7 of the 12 are left among us. Got it right, but it gave me pause. Thanks for the confidence boost on the ace. As far as which foot Neil placed first, Inonly had to gaze on my Paul Calle Great Moment print to confirm my suspicions.

  13. Stephen Zumbo
    | Reply

    Boy, I didn’t remember that the Apollo 12 TV camera was color! Best results I ever got on one of your quizzes, Mark. I do remember watching and being upset when the camera failed. Conrad and Bean were the most happy-go-lucky lunar explorers!

  14. Jeff Hurst
    | Reply

    Your quizzes are total nerdfests for me! Absolutely love ’em. More please!

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