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Welcome to our quizzes!

Every Friday we’ll present a different quiz; some will feature cultural questions on spaceflight, some hardware, some operations, some history. Some quizzes will be easy, and some will be very hard. Each week we will select winners from the highest scores (that take the quiz before Monday) for a special prize(s). Since this is the first quiz we’ve presented, the deadline for entry will be Sunday, June 8, at midnight US EDT. Remember, If you don’t enter your email, we have no way of contacting you for your prize.

This week, three prizes: First prize will win a $20 credit to Spacecraft Films, Second prize will win an Apollo 13 command module cockpit poster, and Third prize will win an Apollo 11 LM cockpit poster.

Since we’re offering prizes we ask that you take the quiz only once, and that you do NOT use the Google machine to give us your answers. Good Luck!


Real Space in Cinema Quiz: You'll be challenged with your knowledge of how Real Space stories and hardware have been portrayed on film. Since we consider our quiz candidates to be a competent lot, we've established a passing grade on this quiz of 80%. The quiz features ten questions, each worth ten points.



1) What is the name of the mission that becomes stranded in orbit in the 1969 film "Marooned?"

2) What was the name of the "watering hole" run by Pancho Barnes in "The Right Stuff?"

3) What unique qualification does Lee (James Caan) possess that gets him assigned to the lunar mission in Countdown instead of Chiz (Robert Duvall)?

4) What is the reason Jim Lovell gives his wife for moving up to the next lunar landing mission in "Apollo 13?"

5) What actor has a role in all three: "The Right Stuff," "Apollo 13," and "Gravity?"

6) What is the name of the space shuttle that caries the campers into space in the 1986 film "Space Camp?"

7) What spacecraft did Bondvillan Drax use to instigate his plan of world domination in the 1979 film "Moonraker?"

8) Who played former astronaut-in-training Charles Farmer in the 2006 film "Astronaut Farmer?"

9) What Australian deep space receiver is the main setting for the 2000 film "The Dish?"

10) What is Roy Fleming (Don Knotts) first hired by NASA to do as a "WB-1074" in the 1967 film "The Reluctant Astronaut?"

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  1. Will Chapman
    | Reply

    cool game!

  2. Bruce B
    | Reply

    I fell short on the Space Camp question, but only saw it once when it was released way back when. Thanks for the fun quiz!

  3. Phil Lane
    | Reply

    Good fun, Mark (even though I only got 60%)! Keep the quizzes coming!

  4. John B
    | Reply

    Nice to see the new blog and quiz feature, Mr. Peck. Keep up the good work!

  5. Maury M
    | Reply

    That was a good range of questions, Mark ! Looking forward to more quizzes.
    Really like the blog.

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